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Eco-friendly Reusable Cloth Bags

TheYellowBag is a social enterprise manufacturing high quality environment friendly cloth bags through an inclusive working environment including women, physically handicapped and people with mental illness.

We promote and encourage everyone to live an environment friendly lifestyle. TheYellowBag was launched after we saw single use-and-throw bags flying everywhere in our neighborhood. We knew that a single cloth bag can save earth from many use-and-throw bags. Thus our very first bag was made in Feb 2014. Today, we work with more than 200 customers across India and enable about 30 women earn a descent livelihood.

Each bag is stitched by a trained and empowered woman homemaker. They stitch from the comfort of their home, but with an extreme sense of ownership and passion. TheYellowBag is not only a preferred cloth bag brand, but also a preferred place to work.

You can use our bags for any occasion to fulfill your creative and utility needs. We have seen customers using these bags for marriages, birthdays, community events, shops, fundraising, campaigning or just use them for regular shopping. You can customize the design to be printed in each bag to promote your brand/cause. Each bag can be folded and tucked in to your laptop bag, car glove box or bike pouch. With couple of bags in your hands, you would never ever need a use-and-throw bag.













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