We are interested in interventions that would make the planet a better place to live. Our focus is in developing products which would improve conscious consuming behavior and leave less ecological footprint.

The products developed are then manufactured by social enterprises. Some of the enterprises already exist and some of them are created with our intervention.

We work with the social enterprises in skill building, procurement support and establishing best practices. The products developed are made available to the market through the ethical marketing interventions by our Market reach company "Makers Cart*". Makers Cart also supports in arranging investments for assets and working capital.


Our alignment with social enterprises is with the core value of the founding team and culture of the organization. We keep these two things first "Core values & Culture" and align with the enterprise.

We assist enterprises with people friendly practices to make sure the workers are treated fairly, women can access leadership positions, production does not contaminate nor harm communities – but rather the benefits of product production can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.


We work with product designers, research on traditional knowledge, analyze modern scientific techniques and develop sustainable products.


The key to scaling up and sustaining is having strong processes. Processes which would keep people and their right first, but gives equal importance to efficiency and effectiveness. We implement this to become a habit in the enterprise.


Results are seen in the market; when the user is in touch with the organization and its products. We have a specialist Market Platform , Makers Cart, which takes the product to market and handles all the commercials.


Profit is inevitable when the company believes in its purpose. Believing in the purpose, will attract the right people who will make the right products and processes leading to profit. We bring in the necessary financial prudence, data analysis and build efficiency for better profits and long term sustainability.


* Makers Cart is a platform supported by "TheYellowBag" Movement connecting conscious customers with sustainable products.