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An all women tailoring centre making various types of bags, aprons and factory vest coats. A livelihood centre for 25+ women working in various capacities as tailors, supervisors, designers, managers and co-ordinators. The centre runs from a very traditional  and legacy building in Madichiyam, Tamilnadu. Madichiyam is a low income community and the Tulsi centre trains and employs women in and around. This centre is fully supported and run by TheYellowBag.


Bhoomika is a space to appreciate & rejoice the small beautiful things in life.  Situated in the suburbs of Madurai in a natural & pristine environment, Bhoomika creates & encourages sustainable products & ideas for a better world. A group of intellectually challenged girls, sustainability enthusiasts and artists work from there. They create paper bags, natural dyed fabrics, block, bhatik print works and indigo dyeing there. TheYellowBag works closely with them in product development and marketing.



ilai is an independent brand producing everyday fabric essentials using upcyled, natural dyed and other environment friendly fabrics. ilai works on the strong belief that in nature, there is no concept of waste. A fallen leaf becomes manure, leftovers from a lions hunt becomes food for the scavengers, a rotten fruit becomes food for microorganisms. It is only Human lifestyle which generates waste. TheYellowBag works with ilai in producing its products through our network of social enterprises.


Alaguntapalle is a small village in Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh. The village is a habitation of largely landless labourers, with about sixty households. A small team of women from there got together in search of alternative work during droughts. Thus was born the idea of making cloth bags. The unit now makes amazing vegetable compartment bags and other cloth bag models. TheYellowBag assists them as a volunteer in sustaining their initiative.


Started by a social worker to create livelihood options for the women in his community. The centre which had a humble start in a thatched roof is now a growing tailoring centre and a friendly employment hub. Women in the centre make cloth bags and other home furnishings. TheYellowBag provides them with continuos work for cloth bag production.


A network of women homemakers who work-from-home. There is a need to generate additional income for the family, they possess the skillset to earn money, but they can not spend a full chunk of 8 to 10 hours away from home. WTN tries to solve this problem. Women in this network possess tailoring skill set and also have a tailoring machine at home. TheYellowBag gets work to their home and provides an opportunity for continous employment.