We are interested in interventions that would make the planet a better place to live.

We work with independent social enterprises, community organizations, NGOs and Government to create sustainable manufacturing viable and competitive. TheYellowBag generally starts the relationship as a volunteer. When we see a deeper value connect, we work together in areas where we could add more value to your enterprise through training, working capital finance, establishing best practices and market linkages. Our efforts are to make your enterprise self-sustaining in the medium to long run without the active support of TheYellowBag or any such institution.

We find it easy to work with enterprises which are:

  • Focused on the cause
  • Powered by a Leader with passion for a better world
  • See a reason for their long term existence
- Career -

We generally have these opportunities open. Do send us an email if you feel we will be of value to your career.

1. Product Designers
2. Media Communication Specialists (Digital & Traditional)
3. Business Managers
4. Marketing Specialist (Distribution & Retailing)

We are very keen to work with people from the general business sector who wants to invest their experience in the social development sector.


TheYellowBag has built a social business infrastructure of people, processes and knowledge over the last many years. We are glad to share this in all possible ways with aspiring social entrepreneurs. We work with one individual over the period of one year who would want to lead a section of TheYellowBag with her/his expertise, learn from it and start a social enterprise the next year.

Send us an email to apply for this program.


We have seen that highly motivated interns leave a very positive impact and set higher standards for us. We provide interns with result driven projects, unconditioned support and a free to experiment environment. To join us as an intern, please drop us a mail explaining how you could be of value to the organization.

We take interns who could spend a minimum of two month full time effort with us, preferably in Madurai.