Project Multiple Skill Development

Project Green Slate is a pioneering program of Yellow bag Foundation. In this program, children are exposed to the 8 different multiple intelligence areas, as proposed by Howard Gardner,1983. This experience, helps the children to open up to themselves and the facilitators, increasing the self-esteem of the child. Project Green Slate enables children to express their needs and feel effective. Empowering them to break their shell and fly.

Where do we work?

Madhichiyam is one of the crowded urban slums in Madurai. Covered with cramped single-room houses with roads as common utility spaces. Bustling with children, Madhichiyam is a portrait of struggling livelihood and insecurity. Through a span of 6 years, YellowBag Foundation has started to gain trust from the community. We find this to be the right time to scale up our work to create a bigger impact across urban slums in Madurai & beyond.

The challenge

Firstly, there is an excessive focus on the academic performance of children in school. Every aspect of the child is measured on this scale. Unable to rise to the expectations of parents, teachers, and society, children lose confidence in themselves. Secondly, dysfunctional families. Children are directly affected by broken families. They are mostly left unsupervised and more emotionally vulnerable. Anger issues, emotional, and physical abuse are everyday stories in Madhichiyam. Peer support comes with a set of problems that include bullying, drug usage, addictions, and crime. They are found to be stuck between the two parallels. Incapable of decision-making and crippled by societal inequality. They respond to situations in fight mode (aggression violence) or flight mode (run away from the situation).

What are we doing?

Project Green Slate was initiated to help the child develop the innate confidence to neither fight nor take flight but face the reality around him/her. Strengthens them to make effective decisions to give them meaningful experiences grounded in reality.

How are we doing it?

We make this possible by using the Theory of Multiple Intelligence as a tool. It is a facilitator driven model designed by us. The Model aims to expose children to the 8 different intelligence — Logical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, linguistic, anesthetic, musical, naturalistic and visual. We do not aim to help a child excel in one particular intelligence. Rather, we encourage children to explore all fields equally. This helps them fight their issues and break unexplained resistance. Ultimately, opening them to new ideas and opportunities. Each phase is divided into 8 sessions and runs for a period of 3 months. The total program spans for 1 year.

The Impact

Ravishankar (grade IV) has been a shy child who avoids interacting with others. He was initially uninterested and reluctant to participate in activities. Slowly, he started engaging with his group mates. The facilitators became trust buddies. Now, he is still a quiet child, but he is eager to participate and share his opinions and ideas.

We are travelling with 60 such children in the community. Every little development of a child is a leap of success for us. 

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