Products to protect mother earth, made in ethical working conditions benefiting women from economically disadvantaged communities

Eco-Friendly Materials

Fabric constitutes most of our material consumption. We constantly strive to buy directly from the first level producer. By buying directly from small and first level producers, we benefit them with a reliable order cycle and help them sustain their work.

Our choice of fabrics are primarily based on its environmental impact. We truly understand even the best of naturally grown fiber leaves an impact on earth. With that understanding, we strike a balance between the intended end use of the product and the eco-friendliness of the fabric. We consider biodegradability, life span, production process, producer background, cost, and the transport carbon footprint left by the fabric.

Benefits Women in need

YellowBag Foundation enables small social enterprises led by women in vulnerable communities to produce planet-friendly production and market through larger organizations that have growth metrics to improve the local environmental and social conditions.  

Your orders directly benefit women in vulnerable communities. We constantly work on skill-building and mental-readiness for women to work for social enterprises/start such enterprises.

Ethical Manufacturing

We are rooted in our purpose of business and keep values first. Our values namely Happiness first, Transparent communication, Streamlining Processes, Honest pricing, and eco-friendly are framed to value the interest of all stakeholders.

We are curious about building an ethical business. We strive to inspire the next generation to leapfrog and build radically different institutions to make a better world.