Thousands of women in India lack an opportunity to earn. While in poverty, they miss a chance to educate their children and to live a life of dignity & respect.

YellowBag Foundation makes cloth bags from cotton, jute, and other eco-friendly materials for international brands. This creates fair earning opportunities and enhanced self-esteem for the women while facilitating the consumption of sustainable products.

Many of the women we work with are first-timers in terms of making money.  They have never been to a job before. Some of them were so dependent on their husbands, that they bore the torture of marital harassment.  The little confidence gained from making their own money has made a world of difference to many of them.  Some of them now receive better respect from their husband and family.  Some of them came out of bad marriages.

Place of Work

YellowBag creates tailoring workspaces in marginalized communities. They enable women there with the skill set and market access to make and sell cloth bags. Each of their bags effectively replaces over 50 plastic bags, making it a globally scalable action for a better earth. For the last four years, Madichiyam has been its central point for making eco-friendly cloth bags. Women in more than 40 families get benefited every month. The community has manufactured over 1 Million cloth bags so far, thus saving the planet from over 50 Million single-use bags.

Children Education

Over the years, the foundation realized that the children in the community are vulnerable to early marriage, drugs, and other social malice. Madichiyam being a crime intense region, has higher school dropout rates. Many children are first generation learners and the community knows completing higher education is a lifeboat for their children to come out of poverty and improve their lifestyle.

To address this need, YellowBag Foundation has facilitated the creation of an educational support platform, “Green Slate”. Green Slate operates an after-school activity center in Madhichiyam to ensure the first generation learners avoid dropping out.

Green Slate works in nurturing responsible next generation through holistic development activities.