Our founders Gowri & Krishnan grew up in middle class families and worked in multinational companies for 10 years. In their own words, “Our  education and exposure were useful in solving the problems of the companies we worked in. However they had no local impact to the community which raised us.  We had the choice of selling our knowledge in exchange of a bad planet or use our knowledge to build a better world.”

“In the year 2014, we quit our Jobs and returned to our native town and started a social enterprise manufacturing eco-friendly cloth bags to spread the idea of reusing.”

YellowBag’s efforts in manufacturing cloth bags have enabled many civil initiatives to demand plastic ban in India. When we made our first bag, no state in India had banned plastic. Today, more than 13 states in India have a plastic ban in place. Our initiative is a small push to the Government in the right direction.

Our community attracted many like minded people and the small organization we founded has further developed community leaders, social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs. Positivity spreads. Today, our organization is run by young socially conscious leaders. It is a training ground for them to be much bigger and stronger.

Apart from our work for livelihoods and environment protection, we regard Children as change makers of the future. We work with initiatives and people involved in Alternate education. We run children activity centers for the children of the women who work with us and their neighbors.

In our children activity center, children get to spend their time in a non-judgmental space. They perform various crafts and engage in learning skills to match their current engagement needs and aspirations.

All our work is for the next generation to thrive in a planet which is more balanced. We work with children to ensure they take it forward.