Yellow Bag

About us

We’re a group of passionate people hoping to
connect our people with purpose, and purpose with planet.


One cloth bag replaces 50 single-use plastic bags.

Plastic pollution is a public health hazard as well as a killer of marine and terrestrial life. But plastic use did not increase overnight. It gradually made its way to everyday life..

Our mission is to bring positive, planet friendly change through our strong and sturdy cotton bags. We truly understand that even the best of naturally grown fiber leaves an impact on earth. With that understanding, we try to strike a balance between the intended end use of the product and the eco-friendliness of the fabric.

We keep a check on biodegradability, life span, production process, producer background, cost, and the transport carbon footprint left by our products.


We help women gain financial independence through dignified work opportunities

For 4 years, Madichiyam has been the Hubspot of creativity, sustainability, and community action. When we started the YellowBag Foundation, we wanted to help women from marginalised backgrounds who have to abandon education
due to various reasons.

Many of the women we work with today, never had a job before. But now they can earn respect, confidence, as well as independence. Some were even able to break away from abusive husbands.

These women have hand-stitched an impressive 1 million bags to date – and effectively replaced 50 million single-use plastic bags.


We strive to create a holistic, sustainable, and impactful business which pushes people to act for the planet.

The simple choice of carrying a cloth bag to the grocery store can have a big influence. It represents a major change in the mindset of people. We want to connect with businesses at scale so that Yellowbag cloth bags can reach the masses.

But at the same time, we will never profit at the cost of our community’s well-being. That’s why we ensure that each and every stakeholder gets paid fairly, our cotton is sourced ethically, our business practices are transparent, and our values are always held up.