Yellow Bag


An initiative of Yellowbag Foundation to empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Women Tailoring Network

Started in 2014 by Yellowbag Foundation, Women Tailoring Network is a network of women tailors from urban slums. Nestled in the city of Madurai, these women make up a big part of the urban poor population and suffer largely because of0 their social disadvantages.

With absolutely zero income opportunities for women, entire families depend on the man’s income for survival – which is also highly inconsistent. It leads to increased debt, crime rate, aggression, domestic abuse, and mental health issues.

The Women Tailoring Network has achieved great success so far by creating a micro-enterprise that produces cloth bags using clean materials and clean processes. We have invested in their skill development and empowered their dreams.

They get to work close to their homes, they receive fair wages for their work, and they are able to see value in their work. Our model is designed in a way that the producer takes home 25% of the cloth bag’s value.

Let's Partner Up

We invite you to promote us in your country/state/business groups. As our voice, you will represent us and connect us to likely businesses. The client, you and us can co-create meaningful products.