Gowri RG

Co-Founder. Value anchor & strong believer of sustained livelihood creation to transform individuals, families and communities.


Co-Founder. Creating the YellowBag movement by connecting people around the world to the purpose of moving women out of poverty.

Ramajeyam RMJ

Program Director - Livelihood. A Gandhi Fellow with a lifetime mission to impact people in vulnerable communities by teaching them to fish.


Communications Specialist. Impact storyteller with a passion to act with words to solve some of the most pressing problems faced by women.

Women Tailoring Network

Gomani Rajan

CEO of Business. Young and dynamic professional rooted to the purpose of meeting global customer's agenda to create ethical & transparent supply chain.

Madhu Prasath

Social Media Specialist. Excells in working with people, both in the field and in the internet. Makes YellowBag's stories reach the audience.


Administration Specialist. A people person who supports customers and women tailors with equal ease; Keeps a tab of everything around.


Printing Artisan. Friendly sister to all women out here. Proves to the world dedication in learning can help excel in any field.


Tailoring Artisan. Wrestler at the tailoring machine. Makes fine product samples and makes life easy for other tailors by sharing her expertise.


The Road Runner. Brother in need to all the people here. A pro at all our operations from cutting to booking.

Green Slate

Usha Rajendran

Program Director - Education. Knows the minds of children and the nerves of Indian education system; Expert at designing education solutions.

Mohammed Gani

Children Education Specialist. After Engineering, realized his calling as a teacher. Helps children in our communities explore their world.