Yellow Bag


An initiative of Yellowbag Foundation to facilitate slum children with multiple intelligence tools.

The Yellowbag Education Initiative

Through our work, Yellowbag Foundation has earned the trust of hundreds of families living in the urban slums of Madhichiyam. Covered with cramped single room houses, narrow lanes for roads and barely any amenities, it is a portrait of livelihood struggles and insecurity.

Naturally, the children born here are vulnerable to violence, substance abuse, and emotional turbulence. The Yellowbag Education Initiative is a pioneering program of Yellowbag Foundation which exposes slum children to 8 different intelligence areas, enabling them to express their needs and feelings.

We were unhappy with the excessive pressure the education system places on academic performance. It leads to high drop-out rates in schools and further makes their futures uncertain. So we adopted a different approach – we designed a facilitator driven model which helps children overcome mental barriers and opens them up to new ideas.

One boy who used to be extremely reclusive showed remarkable progress with our work. Initially he would not participate in any activities. But after a few weeks, Ravishankar learnt to trust his facilitators and share his opinions. Every little development of a child is a leap of success for us.

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