Yellow Bag


Environmental impact can't happen in isolation, it needs collective action.

Each Bag replaces atleast 50 plastic bags

Our bags lend a hand by promoting conscious consumption while creating fair earning opportunities for the vulnerable women. Each cloth bag we make replaces between 50 to 1000 plastic bags from being dumped into the environment.

We are turning big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity and human well-being.

Negizhi Bootham Book

We published a book in Tamil to talk about the ill effects of plastic. The book was widely received by the Tamil Literature and Environment community. As a continuation of it, we authored a series of 24 articles in a column in Hindu Tamil Thisai, a leading Tamil daily. When the book sparkled the conversation about plastic, the articles dived deeper into adoption of eco-friendly practices.

Articles series could be accessed by clicking here