Printing FAQ

Accepted file formats for print customisation:

    • JPEG (high-resolution)
    • Photoshop (text layers need to be rasterize)
    • Illustrator (images embedded in file and text/fonts converted to outlines)
    • PDF (vector-based)
    • Coreldraw Editable format

Checklist for design requirements:

    • We need quality high-resolution files to give the best results.
    • Files designed for websites are not suitable. It may look OK on computer but will not be acceptable for printing.
    • Please send your design files in high resolution vector format, Coreldraw or editable PDf format.

Additional Checklist for Screen Printing:

    • Designs for screen printing must be in solid block colors and not fine halftones or gradients.
    • We can print up to 5 colors, but we recommend 3 or fewer.
    • Soft, ill-defined edges will create an unreliable edge. Please make sure the edges are crisp and do not have halftone areas or gradients.
    • Designs with a lot of fine detail will not print perfectly.
    • For printing on cotton, a line needs to be at least 1 mm. For printing on jute, a line needs to be at least 2 mm wide.
    • Anything less than 12 pixels wide (at 300 dots per inch) is too fine and will not print reliably.

Additional Design Cost:

    • Additional designing charges would be applied if the design you provide needs alteration/creation
    • Please allow us to call you back and discuss your designs

Printing Timelines:

    • Printing timelines depends on how well the input files are provided
    • When our print team contacts you for design confirmation, kindly help with confirmations at the earliest


    • We will send you a digital mockup before printing
    • No worries, we print only after you confirm the digital mockup

We take printing on your bag very seriously. Please allow us some time to evaluate your input design and get back to you. Sometime, we might ask you to change your design, change to a different printing method. We will suggest you the best option within your budget and to meet your print demands.