We are a group of people working independently and collectively to create sustainable livelihoods, develop the habit of consuming consciously and creating a pro-planet mindset.

When we make awesome bags, we give equal importance in creating a mindset of conscious consuming. The Bag represents our purchase decisions. For a sustainable world, we all have to re-look at our purchases, limit them and select environment and people friendly choices.

Wholesale Cotton Cloth Bags

The Yellow Bag is an initiative to bring back the habit of “carrying Your Own Bag” to shop. We create environment friendly, sturdy and trendy cloth bags direct from women tailors in India. You can use our bags to promote your brand, fund-raise, spread awareness, package your product, celebrate an event or just use it for yourself.



Promotional Bags

Promote your brand’s eco-consciousness through these affordable, valuable and long life cloth bags.



Conference Bags

Create engaging conversations from your participants on sustainable ways to run businesses. Change the World!



Corporate Gifting

When you gift a bag, you are also gifting an idea; the idea of promoting a better world. Nature is the only choice!



Return Gift

Make the memory greener, with these completely green, earth friendly cloth bags. Excite your guest positively.


Limited Edition Cotton Cloth Bag

Here is our seasonal and limited creations of bags. With a minimum order as just  50 bags, you can now use these bags for small meetings, birthday parties etc., Please pay & place your orders online right here.  Bags will be door delivered by our courier partners within 10 days.

Christmas Goodie Bags

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Pongal Pai Bags

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New Year Wish Bags

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All Time Bags

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Premium Finish Cloth Bags

Each of our cloth bag models are created with loads of Love. Bags are carefully manufactured by seasoned tailors and craftswomen. Utmost care is given for quality of stitch and perfection in finish. Your logo, message, artwork etc., can be printed in all the models.


Natural product: We procure unbleached cotton cloth. When it is unbleached, the cloth is at its natural best. It does not go through major chemical treatments.

Biodegradable: You can use them as bags, reuse it as a cleaning cloth and finally you might throw it. When you throw, it will completely biodegrade.

Hand printed: The message in the bag is hand printed using traditional silk screen printing. Hand made gives its own uniqueness to each bag.

Stitched with love: Each bag is stitched by an empowered woman homemaker and provides meaningful employment and enriches someones life.

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