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Crackers & Alternate Livelihoods

November 22, 2022 1 Min Crackers & Alternate Livelihoods

The Child in us loves crackers.

We also know that it is toxic to environment.

Can you guess how many livelihoods are dependent on it?

Livelihood of more than 6.5 Lakh people in Sivakasi is dependent on the world burning crackers. Sivakasi is the Fireworks Capital.

Getting them away from Crackers isn’t an overnight job. However, they should be given with a choice. It needs many systematic interventions. @YellowBag along with @Credit Access managed to pull one such intervention.

We trained 120 women in alternate career of tailoring and aari embroidery. On the course completion celebration, they all came wearing blouses stitched by themselves and embellished with creative aari work designs.

Some of them have started tailoring business from home. Some of them are scouting for Job opportunities in garment units. With the new skill acquired, all of them have a choice now. A small movement started this Diwali.

Thanks @Ganesh @anad @vinoda for your trust and support. @gowri our co-founder of @yellowbag made this program possible for the women amidst all field challenges.

-This post was originally published in our co-founder Krishnan’s LinkedIn page

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