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YellowBag In the Press DT Next Dec 2021

November 22, 2022 5 Min YellowBag In the Press DT Next Dec 2021

Tamilnadu Government is launching a campaign “Bring back YellowBag” (Meendum Manjappai) promoting the use of cloth bags. Shared my opinion on this campaign with DT Next yesterday. I hope this article represents the mindset of many others closely watching the plastic ban space.

Link to article in the first comment.

YellowBag in the Press Hindu Tamil Jan 2022
This is a New Year Gift from the people of Tamilnadu! We got featured in ‘ The Hindu Tamil Thisai’, a leading regional daily yesterday. Readable link in first comment.

The opening paragraph credits YellowBag Foundation for starting the #meendummanjappai campaign back then in 2014.

We accept this credit with due respect to many wonderful people who have been promoting sustainable consumption for decades. A huge round of applause for the State Government’s recent massive campaign Meendum Manjappai reminding the traditional use of cloth bags.

Let us “Make People Act for the Planet”. Deal?

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