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Our definition of Social Enterprise

November 22, 2022 2 Min Our definition of Social Enterprise

Everybody wants to keep their own definitions. 

That helps focus.

This is my definition of a ‘SOCIAL ENTERPRISE’

 “SOCIAL ENTERPRISE is an organization that creates sustainable livelihoods for those who are currently vulnerable. The Enterprise is involved in economic activities utilizing natural resources with due respect to the supremacy of nature.”

VULNERABLE – a relative term. Considering all stakeholders of the business., who is the most vulnerable? Who considers business as their only lifeboat? I think their livelihood is the purpose of business. 

‘CURRENTLY’ Vulnerable – Their vulnerability changes with time. Some might prosper. Some might get strengthened. Let them move on. Focus on who is ‘currently’ vulnerable. 

LIVELIHOOD – Making use of time on earth positively for self-family-society-everything around. With self-esteem and pride.

‘SUSTAINABLE’ livelihood – An income source one could rely on. A source that would not cause irreversible damages to the ecosystem which holds everything together.

NATURAL RESOURCES – Not to be considered just as air, water, land. In business, natural resource is electricity, fuel, people’s time, paper and everything else that uses nature.

SUPREMACY OF NATURE – One might have a hundred ideas, thousand skills, and dream of a million possibilities. But the one who fills the lungs with air is ‘nature’. Let’s respect it.

Feel free to highlight inadequacies in these definitions.

There is no constant. There is only evolution.

-This post was originally published in our co-founder Krishnan’s LinkedIn page

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