Classic bags


11″W*14″H | Natural 150 gsm Cotton.Fine handles for longer life and heavy load, Side seams secured with overlock stitches, Takes less space to stack and transport.

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1 85.00
2 - 5 81.00
6 - 10 77.00
11 - 50 72.00
51+ 68.00
All bags are made to order.
We take up to 10 days to dispatch.
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11″W*14″H | Natural 150 gsm Cotton.These are classic models in return gift bags; very simple, talks the point and useful to the end user in a variety of ways. It can later turn into a shopping bag, newspaper bag, files keeper bag or just an additional bag in your vegetable basket.

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11" Wide 14" Height, 9" Wide 11" Height

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